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Transportutstyr AS

Håvard Frøyland is an entrepreneur and the founder of Trans Construction. Back in 1969 he founded Transportutstyr AS, a company that exists to this day and provide lifting and load securing equipment to the Norwegian market.


housing complex offshore

Trans Offshore AS

At the beginning of the Petroleum age Håvard see a business opportunity in supplying offshore containers and housing complexes to the offshore industry. Trans Offshore AS is established.


Trans Construction AS

Trans Construction is founded, and Håvard`s idea is to establish a pure engineering company.  The employees in Trans Offshore and a Swedish collaborator (NSS) joins the ownership side. The start-up is tough, but the company survives.



Trans Offshore goes bankrupt.


Housing complex offshore


The original plan to run Trans Construction as a purely engineering company, is put on hold as the company secures a contract for a housing complex at Dolhpin. This is a turning point for the company.


Haavard and Hans founders of Trans Construction

ATC Trans AS

Trans Construction AS, together with Hans Løvehaug, buys the bankruptcy estate of ATC Mavab, a manufacturer of containers in Minnesund, and the company is named ATC Trans AS.


housing complex offshore


Trans Construction and ATC Trans AS merges and continues as Trans Construction AS, providing offshore housing complexes and offshore containers.


custom e-house modules

Change of focus

The company`s focus changes from housing complexes and offshore containers into custom container solutions and large enclosures which requires greater engineering resources.


Engineers on the move

The engineering department moves from Minnesund into new facilities at Gardermoen.


Trans Construction facilities at Dal

New facilities at Dal

Both the production and engineering department moves into present facilities at Dal.


custom e-house modules


As part of the strategy to strengthen the position within modular based power systems, PSW Power & Automation has entered into an agreement to acquire Trans Construction AS.


PSW Modules

Trans Construction AS merges with PSW Power & Automation and changes name to PSW Modules. PSW Modules will be run as an independent department in PSW Power & Automation