Onshore Containers

Modified onshore containers are typically used as enclosures for noise- or weather protection for noisy equipment such as compressors and generators, as well as sensitive electrical equipment and pumps. Furthermore, we can deliver the containers as cooling-, freezing- or HVAC rooms.

Typical modifications may include:

  • Replacing the container gates with a steel wall
  • Replacing the wooden floor with a steel- or aluminum floor
  • Reducing or increasing the length of standard containers to fit requirements
  • Installation of windows and/or doors
  • Installation of cable-, pipe- and ventilation penetrations
  • Application of surface treatment
  • Installation of insulation and cladding, comfort-, noise- or fireproofing
  • Installation of different types of floor covering, such as vinyl antistatic or regular, aluminium or steel, with or without antiskid
  • Complete HVAC solutions
  • Electrical installation
  • Custom built containers with CSC approval